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About Us

O.A.T.H. (One Against Trafficking Humanity) was founded  July 2020, by Robert F. Wolff, as a dynamic way to awake, align and advance justice for the enslaved.  Wolff and contributors are passionate about casting light on the darkness of Global Human Trafficking and unifying efforts to protect the vulnerable and emancipate the enslaved. 

Today, forced labor and sexual servitude is often hidden in plain site-- practically invisible to the naked eye. Globally, there are more people in bondage than any other time in world history. Human Trafficking is the world’s fastest growing global crime — a horrific injustice against humanity that permanently distresses generations. This fast-spreading global malignancy affects the health and well-being of millions.


Slavery as Human Trafficking is a global threat requiring a global solution. As a recruiting portal, Sign The Oath is working to build a vast network of GUARDIANS who stand for freedom and will take a stand to lead the emancipation mandate through unified efforts and mobilized committed organizations. 


Together we can defeat a most vicious enemy by standing as One Against Trafficking Humanity.

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