Why The OATH?

Slavery in the form of Human Trafficking is a global threat requiring a global response.

O.A.T.H. (One Against Trafficking Humanity) is a recruiting portal uniting a coalition of GUARDIANS rallying around a noble purpose--stop Slavery and terminate Human Trafficking.

In this intense battle for freedom previous emancipators exemplified courageous, undeterred confrontations against the evil of slavery.

Their divinely inspired efforts ultimately shaped the destiny of all humanity.


Nevertheless, oppressive human bondage continues to plague our contemporary world as Global Human Trafficking numbers increase, through a criminal enterprise that thrives on coercion, forced labor, sexual servitude and illicit drug transporting. 


Often hidden in plain sight, the diabolic beast of slavery thrives by turning humanity against each other. Enslavement infiltrates

every nation, age, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic group in every corner of our planet.


We say STOP! 

Thank you for taking action.


 We follow divinely inspired emancipators:

  • Moses led the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage

  • William Wilberforce fought to abolish the slave trade in Great Britain

  • Harriet Tubman emancipated slaves during America’s Civil War

  • Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation

  • Oscar Schindler saved holocaust prisoners from forced servitude and death

  • Mahatma Gandhi exposed unjust authority by socially elevating the oppressed

  • Nelson Mandela abrogated apartheid in South Africa