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Why  O.A.T.H.?

Slavery in the form of Human Trafficking is a global threat requiring a global response.  One Against Trafficking Humanity is an education and recruiting portal formed to unite a coalition of advocates to: 

stop slavery by ending
human trafficking.

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O.A.T.H. acronym is essential in meaning: One Against Trafficking Humanity.  An oath is a declaration of absolute commitment that reveals our convictions.  As O.A.T.H. we are unified. We do not accept slavery. We recognize its danger to both victims and society, globally.


In the intense battle for freedom, previous emancipators exemplified courageous, undeterred confrontations against the evil of slavery.  Their divinely inspired efforts ultimately shaped the destiny of all humanity. Nevertheless, oppressive human bondage, often 'hidden in plain sight' continues to plague our contemporary world as global human trafficking numbers increase, through a criminal enterprise that thrives on coercion, forced labor, sexual servitude and illicit drug transporting. The diabolic beast of slavery thrives by turning humanity against each other. Enslavement infiltrates every nation, age, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic group in every corner of our planet. 


Together, we can disrupt the flow of corruption. To trafficking, we say STOP.


We declare freedom for all humanity and we ask those who believe that slavery is wrong to partner with us. The first action step is simple, yet profound: sign the oathBy signing the oath, you are making a proclamation and taking the first step as an advocate for emancipation of the enslaved.

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