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About OATH


is an education and recruiting platform, formed to unite a coalition of freedom advocates to: 

Stop Slavery by Ending
Human Trafficking.

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O.A.T.H. was founded by Robert F. Wolff in July 2020 as a dynamic way to awake, align and advance justice for the enslaved. Wolff and our contributors are passionate about casting light on the darkness of Global Human Trafficking by unifying efforts to protect the vulnerable and to emancipate the enslaved.


Our O.A.T.H. acronym is essential in meaning: One Against Trafficking Humanity. An OATH is a declaration of absolute commitment that reveals our convictions.


Human Trafficking inflicts a horrific injustice against humanity, that can permanently disrupt and distress generations. This rapidly spreading trans-global malignancy affects the health and well-being of tens of millions. As One Against Trafficking Humanity, we recognize its danger to both victims as well as society across all nations. We stand united. We do not tolerate slavery.


As an education and recruiting portal, O.A.T.H. is building an extensive network of advocates who stand for freedom and who mobilize committed organizations to lead this emancipation mandate.


Throughout history, earlier liberators exemplified courageous, undeterred struggles in this intense battle for freedom to confront the evil of slavery. Their divinely inspired efforts have unquestionably shaped the destiny of all humanity. Ironically, in our own era, the scourge of slavery continues to plague humanity. Today, the number of participants has swollen into our planet’s fastest growing criminal enterprise.


Human Trafficking, often HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, continues to thrive on coercion, forced labor, sexual servitude, and illicit drug transporting. In our own neighborhoods the diabolic beast of slavery thrives by turning humanity against itself. Enslavement infiltrates every nation, age, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic group right underneath our noses, in every corner of our planet.

Together, we can stop the flow of corruption. Together, we can defeat this most vicious enemy. Together, we will achieve victory by standing as One Against Trafficking Humanity.


We declare freedom for all humanity. We ask everyone who believes slavery is wrong to partner with us. The first action step is simple, yet profound: Sign the OATH. By signing the OATH, you make a proclamation, “STOP.”  Your oath is your first step to becoming an advocate for emanicipating the enslaved. Thank you.


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